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The basic idea of monitoring CCTV systems remotely is very simple. Taking a standard IP or analogue CCTV system we add external alarms to the camera positions and a public address system to key areas of the site. The final piece of the jigsaw is a video, audio and telemetry transmitter unit which is linked to your broadband connection. 

In operation when an alarm is triggered by an intruder the relevant camera picture is transmitted to our monitoring station where it is viewed on a monitor by a trained Operator. Once the activity has been evaluated the Operator may via the PA system communicate directly to the site and inform the intruder that he is being monitored. Often no further action is needed as the intruder is usually keen on leaving as he has been spotted. If activity does continue the intruder can be tracked via the CCTV system whilst the relevant Civil Authorities are informed of the intrusion. The Operators are then able to “talk” Officers in to the intruder’s location at that time resulting in an arrest.

The Central Monitoring Station will work to whatever protocols you require. You may elect for them to contact a key holder, phone a security service or call the Authorities. They will operate the system only during the hours that you state and your specific requirements are set up by us at the system commissioning stage. These may be altered at any time by an authorised user.

This system has resulted in many arrests and very many foiled attempts at larceny and other crimes. It is in use in all types of business from small offices, retail outlets, public authority buildings and multi acre industrial sites. Even some homes have it!
If you have ever used (or even had a quotation for) security patrols or manned guarding solutions you will be amazed at the difference in costs. For further information call, email or contact us.

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