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Closed circuit television (CCTV) is widely available and comes in many and varied forms and quality.

The basic components of any CCTV systems are a camera, a monitor and some form of recording device to retain images. Some equipment is available in kit form and available off the shelf at wholesalers or online. Generally this is not the best quality and often has a limited purpose, life expectancy and warranty.

This supposed plethora of choice can be confusing and frustrating for the end user and does frequently lead to severe disenchantment because the purchaser’s expectations simply have not been met.

Our desire is to meet your needs unconditionally. To achieve this we will investigate your precise requirements, discuss them with you in detail and propose a practical and realistic solution. What you do with that information is up to you but we hope that you place an order with us!

We source our equipment direct from professional CCTV manufacturers. This means that we are constantly made aware of new developments and are frequently asked to provide feedback on customer reactions to new products. We keep in the loop and so could you.

Your system options in CCTV are Internet Protocol (IP) type in which images are generated around a dedicated network or High Definition (HD) analogue systems which are self-contained. Hybrid systems can incorporate both. Whichever you choose your system will be designed, installed and maintained by Scope Security which will provide peace of mind and keep you in the picture.

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